Form. Function. Masterpiece.

BedArchitecture™ is patented, high performance bedding support systems that provide the ultimate level of form and function. These advanced products are designed and engineered to meet the demands of today’s luxury bedding. Like the best architecture, Knickerbocker’s products combine aesthetic mastery with functionality and strength. Shop our Store.

Innovative. Smart. Designed for Your Mattress.

BedArchitecture™ products have a variety of features and benefits unlike any other products on the market. They are manufactured in the USA from high carbon railroad steel and resin. Every BedArchitecture product is dynamic-load engineered to eliminate flexing or motion transfer. Mattresses last longer and feel better using BedArchitecture products. Shop our Store.

Steel. Completely Encased.

All of the steel in BedArchitecture™ products is completely encased in high quality resins. This allows for an aesthetically pleasing and safe product.

Unique Shapes. Beautiful Colors.

BedArchitecture™ products come in a variety of shapes and colors. Our team of designers and engineers meticulously craft every product with an eye towards form, function, and design. Shop our Store.

No Tools. No Problems.

Revolutionary wedge fit technology is featured on all BedArchitecture™ products. We ensure the fastest set up or disassembly of any bedding support product on the market.

American Made Innovation.

With an eye to the future, Knickerbocker designs and builds all of our products in the United States. There is nothing comparable to a patented BedArchitecture™ product. Shop our Store.