emBrace Bedframe


A great bed starts with an emBrace.

Bed Architecture
by Knickerbocker™

EmBrace Designer Foundation

Support from the bottom up

  • Furniture, not just a bedframe- no dust ruffle needed.
  • Durable exterior fiberglass-infused resins.
  • No sqeaks or rattle from metal touching metal.
  • No sharp edges and never any rust.
  • No wheels, EasyGlide low friction leg design.
  • Superior seat-edge support which compliments today’s sleep-to-the-edge mattress designs.
  • Revolutionary LegLock side rail connectors quickly lock together or come aprat without tools.

The more stable the base, the longer the bedding will last!

  • Advanced design, high performance, bed support systems provide the ultimate in form and function.
  • Engineered to compliment the designs of today’s mattresses and foundations.
  • BedArchitecture products position you as the expert.
  • Fewer callbacks or returns from sagging.
  • Increases referrals because the perfect alignment and rock-solid support makes every mattress feel better.
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emBrace has a Heart of Steel™ yet it is warm to the touch.
The emBrace side rails are twice the width with twice the steel of traditional design bed frames. Side rails have been lengthened to compliment 80″ and 84″ bedding. They are flex free to provide valid seat-edge support. For the first time, Sleep-to-the-edge support matches today’s mattress designs. Patented T-Steel design is vertical in side-rails providing rock-solid support in all sizes. This system produces incredible strength that will not flex.
Double angle T steel for cross support.
The emBrace again uses high carbon re-rolled railroad steel, fabricated at extreme temperatures and riveted into a “T” shape. This T section system, using its structural advantage, becomes incredibly rigid and has no flex, even with the weight of luxury bedding and an active family combined.

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A Heart of Steel™ gives unmatched strength.
On the inside, the emBrace system uses hardened steel angle for unmatched support. On the outside it is encased in injection molded, fiberglass infused resin that’s warm to the touch, hygienic and easy to clean.

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