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The emBrace™ 360 bed base by Knickerbocker adds style and design to any bedroom. Smooth contours and tapered legs elevate the emBrace™ 360 to the pinnacle of elegant bedroom furniture. The emBrace™ 360 is composed of heavy duty steel completely encased by fine resin molding. The attention to design in every detail of the emBrace™ 360 makes it the finest product Knickerbocker has created. The emBrace™ 360 by Knickerbocker can be used free standing or in conjunction with an existing headboard.

Strength – The emBrace™ 360 provides flex-free support for thousands of pounds of weight with zero motion transfer. The internal T-Steel design gives the emBrace™ 360 twice the amount of steel as traditional bed frames. From head to toe, the emBrace™ 360 gives complete edge to edge support from the top of the bed down to the very bottom. This ensures that the mattress will feel better and last longer because it is completely supported by a non flexing surface.

No Tools Needed- The emBrace™ 360 goes together in less than a minute, error free, with no tools needed. This ensures an accurate assembly every time.

Green Technology – Reclaimed steel and clean energy are used to create the emBrace™ 360 bed base. The steel comes from reclaimed railroad steel and the rolling process is powered by methane gasses captured from a nearby landfill

No Noise – Sleep in perfect silence with the emBrace™ 360. With no exposed steel and solid connections, the emBrace™ 360 ensures that there are no squeaky parts keeping you awake in the middle of the night with every toss or turn

Flooring or Carpet – The emBrace™ 360 can be used on any surface. It will remain solidly in place wherever it is placed. If you desire to move the bed, simply apply lateral pressure and the large surface area legs will help ease the process.

7.5 Inch Height – The Mattress Set or Box Spring will sit at 7.5 inches off the floor.

Any Headboard – The large brackets pre-installed on the emBrace™ 360 will allow you to connect any headboard to this product. Even the largest and most heavy headboards can be supported by the emBrace™ 360.

Safety – With virtually every steel surface covered by high quality resin, the emBrace™ 360 makes for peace of mind. No more stubbing toes or bumping shins. Children can play in the bedroom without worrying about running into an exposed metal bed frame leg.

Color Options – Choose the color that suits your preference. The emBrace™ 360 is available in Charcoal Black, Chocolate Brown, Stone Gray, or Pure White.

Made in the USA – Knickerbocker is a fourth generation family owned and operated company in business since 1919. We are the only company in the industry committed to manufacturing and assembling all of our products in the United States.

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