Knickerbocker is recognized by our industry as the premier bed frame supplier for many reasons. One of the most important reasons is our ability to help our dealers effectively present the bedding support category to their customers. We excel at providing our dealers with innovative merchandising and tailor-made point of purchase materials. Below you will find a number of merchandising accessories that our available to you.

Knickerbocker Showcase Displays

Knickerbocker’s customized showcase displays are an excellent way to highlight any selection of Knickerbocker products. The showcase display is designed to hold a combination of bed supports and bed frames. The display blends seamlessly with any floor space and gives customers an opportunity to make an informed decision about which bedding support system they plan on purchasing.

EmBrace™ Cube Display

The cube display is the best way to convey the features and benefits of the emBrace™ bed frame. It features a miniature embrace bed frame stately sitting on top of a hand crafted display cube. The cube is adorned with four elegantly designed posters. The emBrace™ bed frame on top is an exact miniaturized replica of the large one so customers can feel, hold, and appreciate the quality of this unique and inspiring product.

Knickerbocker Posters

Knickerbocker’s Bed Frame Posters highlight the various features and benefits of our most impressive bed frames and bedding support systems. These posters can be used free standing or in conjunction with our metal finish showcase.

Showrooms in North Carolina and Las Vegas

The next time you are coming to the High Point or Las Vegas Furniture Shows, please stop by one of our brand new showroom spaces. All of our products are on display and we offer bedding support seminars throughout the day. Our showroom in High Point is in the International Home Furnishings Center: Space #M-613. Our showroom in Las Vegas is in the World Market Center: Space #C-1595. We hope to see you there!

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